Budget Crock Pot Cooking

With the troubled economic times that seem to be unending, one of the best ways to economize is to plan less expensive meals. However, less expensive does not necessarily have to mean less appetizing, especially when using a slow cooker. At the grocery store, some of the best cuts of meat are not necessarily the … Continue reading “Budget Crock Pot Cooking”

With the troubled economic times that seem to be unending, one of the best ways to economize is to plan less expensive meals. However, less expensive does not necessarily have to mean less appetizing, especially when using a slow cooker.

Crock Pot

At the grocery store, some of the best cuts of meat are not necessarily the most expensive. A whole chicken costs less per pound than does a chicken cut-up by the butcher. A pot roast, rump roast or pound of hamburger are less expensive than that succulent slab of steak, but tastes just as wonderful with the right cooking process.

Hankering for a pork sandwich? A pork shoulder will cost less per pound than will pork tenderloin, offering a substantial savings. Fish is a healthy and tasty way to save some money with less expensive fillets available at your grocery store.

Another way to save a couple dollars on each visit to the grocery store is to use fresh vegetables versus frozen or canned. While convenient, frozen and canned vegetables will usually cost more per ounce than fresh. A good rule of thumb to remember when shopping for food is this: the less processing a food receives prior to arrival at the grocery store, the more economical it is for the consumer.

All these foods, and more, are able to be cooked in a crock-pot with more tender meat and a mélange of flavors that are certain to please even the most discriminating palates. With some creative thinking and shedding of some old ideas, nearly anything you can do in the oven or on the stove can be done in a slow cooker.

One final way a slow cooker can help with your food budget is to make more than you might need, freezing leftovers for lunches or later dinners. Whether you’re a family of two or ten, there is a crock-pot size to suit your needs. By selecting the next size up, you are assured of having a full freezer no matter how far away that next payday is. Also, if you’ve created an especially delicious meal, you can save what’s left and have it again, without having to recreate an entire batch.

With so many homes now being two income households with both parents working late, dinner can become the least favorite part of the day, coming at the end of a long, tiring day. Coming home to an already prepared and cooked meal can alter the way you look at coming home of an evening.

Utilizing a crock-pot will save you money not just on your grocery bill but also on your electric or gas bill as well. As a smaller appliance Crock-pots use less energy than an electric stove and you won’t have to stand next to the hot stove as your food cooks. Recently, two major frozen food companies introduced to the market “Crock-Pot Meals” that are low-cost and delicious, with both requiring little in the way of preparation. Cooking with crock-pots has never been easier on both your time and your food budget.

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Vegetarian Clay Baker Recipe – Mixed Vegetables With Shrimps And Coconut Milk

Isn’t it great to cook meals without additional oil, fats or water and just allowing hot air and moisture to take their toll? This can surely result into a tastier, healthier and a delicious dish ever. A dish to come out this way should be cooked in a Terracotta earthenware that is unglazed and porous, the Clay baker. It only needs to be soaked both on top and bottom for at least 10 to 15 minutes, then place all ingredients and put inside an oven, set the temperature and time and a perfectly healthy dish is well on its way to the dinner table.


Most recipes can be cooked in a clay baker dish by adding 100 degrees to the usual temperature and decreasing the cooking time by 30 minutes. Follow the instructions and you’ll surely come out with a healthy meal that can satisfy you or any member of your family. Use a clay baker dish that suits your need. It is widely available in the market, both on the internet and malls.

Most of us are health conscious nowadays. What with almost all kinds of illnesses and more that are being discovered. There’s not much that we can do except to make sure that our body food intake should be nutritious and healthy. Using clay baker in cooking is one healthy way in preparing foods. In the olden times, clay pot cooking were already popular among the old folks, our great grand folks. Almost all the foods that they prepared were cooked in it. I even experienced them myself. They all tasted so flavorful. Even the rice tasted perfect. Now, the clay baker is equally perfect with clay pot cooking. The following vegetable recipe is one that can be best cooked in this manner.
Mixed Vegetables With Shrimps and Coconut Milk

  • 2 cups bamboo shoots, juice squeezed out
  • 4 pieces Lady’s fingers, cut into 2
  • ¼ cup jute leaves
  • ½ cup shrimps
  • 1 thumb size ginger root, sliced into strips
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 medium size onions, chopped
  • 1½ cup coconut milk
  • salt and pepper to taste

Wash all vegetables. Squeeze out juice of bamboo shoots. Place all the ingredients in a pre-soaked clay baker dish. Place inside a cool oven and set temperature at 225°C (450°F, gas mark 7) and cook for about 50 minutes. Time varies with the amount of vegetables used.

Makes 4 servings.
Serve with rice for a healthy and complete meal.
There are still lots of recipes that can be cooked in a clay baker. Simple and easy but sure to be packed with nutrients and flavorful, done the right way. Try them and adapt them and your health will be fine.

Marichu Coning

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Easy Sandwich Recipes – Olive Supreme Sandwich

This sandwich recipe was inspired by a trip to New Orleans. I had heard about the famous muffuletta sandwich, and was excited to try it. I was not disappointed.

The main ingredients are salami, mortadella, Italian ham, provolone, olive salad dressing and of course, the muffuletta bread. The olive dressing is the core of this sandwich. It is Italian in nature and consists of olives, olive oil, cauliflower, carrots, celery, sweet peppers, capers and spices.

I went to my local supermarket when I returned home, and was happy to find the dressing. I found it in the aisle by the pickles and olives. When I ran out of the ingredients in my home for muffulettas, I decided to experiment with the dressing. My first attempt ended up as my best. This is the recipe I came up with:
What you need:

1/2 c cooked chicken breast, shredded
raw baby spinach
2 T light mayonnaise
4 very thin slices of ham, or shaved ham
2 slices multi-grain or whole wheat bread
2 T Italian Olive Salad dressing
What you do:

Spread 1 T mayonnaise on each slice of bread. Layer baby spinach on one slice. Place chicken on top of spinach. Place 3 slices of ham onto chicken. Spread olive salad dressing over ham. Cover with remaining slice of ham, then remaining slice of bread. May alter mayo and/or olive salad amounts per taste.

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Crock Pots And Slow Cookers: Like Turtles And Tortoises

In a cooking respect, a crock pot is a slow cooker, but not all slow cookers are crock pots.
So what’s the difference?

Crock Pots

A crockpot is a small electrical kitchen appliance that uses moist heat over long periods of time to cook foods. They generally have three parts: a glass lid, a ceramic or porcelain round or oval pot, and a round or oval heating element that the pot fits snugly into. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from 16 oz. to 9 quarts or more, with the most common sizes being 5-6 quarts. They usually have two heat settings that offer continuous heat: high (approximately 300 degrees Fahrenheit) and low (approximately 200 degrees Fahrenheit) and surround the pot by heating from the sides.

Slow cookers are also small electrical kitchen appliances that use moist heat over a long period of time to cook food. They also have three parts: a glass lid, a pot, and a heating element. So what’s the difference? Slow cookers generally describe a pot that sits on a hot plate and has many different temperature settings, usually notated by numbers one through five. The heat runs in cycles, rotating on and off. Because the heating element does not surround the pot and cook from the sides (and is not continuous), scorching food is more easily achieved with a slow cooker. But who wants to achieve that?

Sometimes crock pots are called slow cookers, but a true slow cooker (with the heating element underneath) is not called a crockpot. The terms are often interchangeable, but perhaps incorrectly so.

To confuse you even further, what’s the difference between crock pot, crockpot, and Crock-Pot ®?
Crock-Pot ® is a registered trademarked name owned by Rival Industries – notice the hyphen, capitalization, and registered symbol. Much like Kleenex ® has replaced facial tissue as a household name; Rival’s trademark has become a household name as well. However, here’s where it gets grammatically technical. Without the hyphen, capitalization, and registered symbol, those terms are not owned by Rival, yet have the same meaning.

In the end, who really cares? If you’re purchasing one of these small electrical kitchen appliances, I would recommend buying a crock pot, not a slow cooker. In other words, get one with a heating element that surrounds the entire pot and heats continuously, not just heats from the bottom on cycles. The bottom line is they both offer the benefits of a quick and easy dinner preparation, convenience, and low cost healthy meals.
Perhaps we should just change the name to “The Greatest Small Kitchen Appliance Ever”. But then people might confuse it with their coffee pot. Or is it coffee maker?

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Diabetes – Two of The Most Common Ways That People Contract This Ailment

Diabetes is currently ranked in the top five in the world of diseases that cause death. It may seem to be harmless because people relate diabetes to having sugar issues but for that very reason it must be taken serious. People generally view sugar to be very sweet and harmless. If you were to dissect the definition of a drug you would find that sugar could “technically”be considered a drug. By definition, a drug is any substance that is concentrated and isolated and from its’ original source. Sugar is concentrated and isolated from the sugar cane. Cocaine is isolated and concentrated from the poppy plant. Starch is isolated and concentrated from wheat.


If we know some of the pitfalls involved with the contraction of diabetes then we will be more likely to attempt to avoid committing these hazardous infractions. Under normal circumstances people generally have a basic understanding of what they believe diabetes to be. Most people understand it to be a problem with the regulation of blood sugar. This is a basic but true statement. The confusion starts not at the understanding of what diabetes is but more so of what activities in which a person engages that triggers a case of diabetes.
To begin, there are two types of diabetes of which can be contracted. The first type is called Type I diabetes or also known as juvenile diabetes. Type I diabetics do not produce insulin which is necessary in regulating the blood sugar. They generally have to use insulin pumps or inject themselves daily with shots of insulin. The second type of diabetes is called Type II diabetes or adult onset diabetes. Type two diabetics are people who produce insulin but have a problem with controlling their blood sugar for one reason or the other. Of the diabetic population there are roughly ninety-percent who are type II diabetics and ten-percent who are type I diabetics.

The first way that people can contract diabetes is at birth. It is unfortunate that this happens because the embryo does not have any power over their parent’s diet. During the formation of the embryo if just one of the parents are missing one or more of the essential nutrients to regulate insulin or blood sugar then the baby is born with diabetes. Those two missing nutrients are generally chromium and vanadium which since the mid 1950’s have been used in the treatment of diabetes. The reasons are still not clear as to why a baby is born not producing insulin. What is clear is that in type II diabetic infant cases the diet of the parents play a major role.

The second way that people can contract diabetes is through their diet. Type II diabetes is the most common form that occurs in adults. When people fail to eat the correct diet a large window of opportunity opens for diabetes to enter. The most important piece to this case is that the consumption of refined and fried foods are the main culprits. Although you may not believe it, refined foods are converted into sugar by your body. A product or food item does not have to say sugar on the label for it to be considered sugar by the body. What would be some examples of refined foods? Refined foods are broken into two categories. The first category of refined foods are not necessarily foods. They are more junk and snacks. Ketchup, mustard, candy, ice cream, potato chips, carbonated drinks and bottled juices are the first form of refined foods. The second category are actual foods that people consume on the regular basis. Fried meats, pasta, white rice, white potatoes, white bread, white sugar and low fiber carbohydrates like bagels. The body immediately converts these food items into sugar.

What happens inside of the body when you consume these things? When you put any of these foods into your system your insulin frantically goes to work to push glucose (sugar) out of the blood and into your cells. The unfortunate part is that insulin regulates fat storage as well. Once you are done consuming these unhealthy foods they immediately go to your waist. If you continue this cycle over an extended period of time your pancreas starts to get weary because you are now fifty pounds overweight. Instead of producing enough insulin for a person that was two-hundred pounds, your pancreas now has to produce enough insulin for a person that is two-hundred and fifty pounds. In turn this slows the function of the pancreas and leads to excess glucose (sugar) in the blood therefore giving you the diagnosis of diabetes.

If you lose the weight your pancreas will begin to work correctly again. The key is not to lose weight artificially. By artificial I mean losing weight by running or exercising. These two forms of weight loss are helpful but they should not be the leading methods. In order to improve from diabetes you must start with correct nutrition and cleaning the body. There are several nutrients that assist diabetics but everything begins with the correct diet.

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